Argos garden furniture set review 2024

When I first purchased this outdoor furniture set back in 2020 I posted an image on my Instagram Stories, which quickly received a bigger response than any carefully curated flat lay, or whacky outfit I’ve posted over my decade on the app.

I was expecting a few "good job" comments from close friends who know that assembling anything, especially flat pack furniture, is not my forte. But, I was not prepared for the slew of heart eye emojis and messages such as "OMG I love that!", "It’s SO nice! I’m so jealous", and "where from????". Bean Bag Outdoor Lounger

Argos garden furniture set review 2024

🛍️ Product reviewed: Habitat 4 Seater Bamboo Effect Garden Sofa Set ⏰ Tested for: Three years ⭐ Rating: 5/5 💸 Reasons to buy: It's a great value alternative to more expensive-looking sets and has great durability ✋ Reasons to avoid: Some shoppers have said they found it difficult to put together, however I didn't have an issue (and I'm not the most DIY savvy) 💰 Best deal we've found: While there are no big discounts currently at Habitat or Argos where it's stocked, both have recently dropped the price of the set from £420 to the new lower price of £400

The first thing that attracted me to the Habitat 4 Seater Bamboo Effect Garden Sofa Set was its luxury-looking (and very on-trend) rattan aesthetic, which compared to similar styles was a very affordable price - trust me - I did my research.

You get a two-seater sofa, two large armchairs and a matching glass top table, which for £400, is great value.

The set is also a complete all-in-one, which is not always a given when outdoor furniture shopping (and those extras all add up). It comes with black padded cushions for the sofa and seats that can be easily tied on.

The one issue we had was that we're limited on space. I held my breathe as I measured my small London balcony to see if the largest item, the 120cm width sofa, would fit. I can confirm that, as advertised, the set is in fact "suitable for garden and balcony use".

As for assembly? I was surprised, and relieved, that the set came in four parts with minimal assembly, all you need to do is screw the legs in (that are easily numbered) using an allen key that is provided. While the description on the website suggests two people are required to assemble it, it can easily be a solo task. You may just need two people to move the sofa frame into place.

Just don’t forget to take the numbered stickers off the top of the table legs before putting them on. Otherwise, you will be able to see them through the glass, and will spend more time trying to get them off than it took to put the entire set together.

In fact, I had screwed all the legs in and was sitting in the sun within 30 minutes of its prompt arrival.

My one concern about the set was the delicate nature of the handwoven rattan-effect bamboo that covers the steel frame. In three years we've only had one small issue with it unravelling along one of the sofa rows. However, a bit of superglue fixed that issue and it has held for over two years with no further wear and tear.

If you have any larger issues the set comes with a manufacturer's two year (one year fabric) guarantee for peace of mind.

The set has stood the rest of time for us very well. However, the one thing that has aged is the black cushions. Direct sunlight over numerous years has faded the black cushions to more of a grey tone so we are looking to replace them this summer.

However, we have kept the cushions out there all year round so you could definitely preserve them if you keep them in a storage box or get a garden furniture cover.

You can buy the set through either Habitat or Argos, however currently neither have any big discounts on the popular furniture set.

That said, both online stores have just given the set a new lower price. While the set retailed for £420 last year, it has recently been given the 'Great New Price' of £400.

Will there be any big deals coming up? It's hard to say, as it's one of Argos's best-selling outdoor furniture sets and has sold out numerous times. Last year, it was reduced to £336, which was the lowest we'd seen it in a while, but that was in October after the summer season.

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Argos garden furniture set review 2024

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