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The 32nd China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition (China Glass 2023), which is sponsored by the Chinese Ceramic Society and undertaken by Beijing Zhonggui Exhibition Co., Ltd., is being held from 6 to 9 May 2023 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Adhering to the concept of " Specialization, Internationalization, and Large-scale", China Glass Exhibition has always focused on the innovation-driven development of the glass industry, providing a display and reference platform for the high-end, intelligent and green development of the glass industry, creating opportunities for domestic and foreign glass enterprises to cooperate in building a safe, reliable and efficient supply chain, and providing a broader platform for promoting the domestic and international dual circulation of the glass industry. 

In 2022, the glass industry has overcome the impact of the pandemic and fluctuations in production costs, etc., focusing on stabilizing production, adjusting the structure, and accelerating the green and low-carbon transformation. The annual production of flat glass reached 1.01 billion weight boxes, down 3.7% year-on-year. The annual output of technical glass such as hollow, laminated and tempered glass decreased slightly, and the annual output of photovoltaic rolled glass was 16.062 million tons, an increase of 53.6% year-on-year. The export quantity and export value of architectural glass and technical glass increased year-on-year. The operation of the glass industry has remained stable overall, the industrial structure has been continuously optimized, and the industrial chain has been constantly extended, forming a diversified development of green buildings, electronic information, household appliances, automotive high-speed rail, new materials, new energy, biomedicine and other markets, and the growth of these industries will support the stable operation and development transformation of the glass industry all the time.  Translucent Glass

China Glass 2023 |

At present, China's economic operation has steadily rebounded, and various localities have successively introduced new rules and policies to promote the development of the exhibition economy, emphasizing the role of professional exhibition platforms in promoting the real economy. Compared with previous editions, the 32nd China Glass Exhibition will stand at the starting point of the "14th Five-Year Plan" new period, based on the ultra-large-scale market advantages of China's glass industry, closely follow the requirements of the industry's innovation-driven development strategy, and contribute to the construction of a new development pattern of China's glass industry. 

The exhibition scale of the 32nd China Glass Exhibition reached 90,000 square meters. Nearly 900 enterprises from 28 countries and regions, including China, Germany, Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Israel, the Czech Republic, and Singapore, participated in the exhibition, including 178 international exhibitors. The products at this exhibition cover the whole industry chain of the glass industry, including: flat glass manufacturing, glass product applications, technical glass, glass deep processing equipment, raw materials and refractories and other sub-industries. At that time, it will attract more than 40,000 professional visitors from home and abroad. 

China Glass 2023 will use 7 halls of the Shanghai New International Expo Centre this year. Among them, Hall N1 is an international exhibition area, gathering German and Italian pavilions and many mainstream brands in the global glass industry, including: LiSEC, Glaston, Von Ardenne, AGC, NSG Group, SEFPRO, Vesuvius, Dip-Tech, Kuraray, Buhler Leybold, Koemmerling, Quanex, Zippe, Air Liquide, Air Products, Five Stein, Grenzebach, Benteler, Bottero, RHI, SORG, Fenzi, Honeywell, Carl Zeiss, Siemens, etc. 

Hall N2 is a domestic mainstream brand, technical glass manufacturer and scientific research institution, including: Triumph Science & Technology, China Building Materials Academy, Beijing BOE Sensor Technology, China Glass Holdings, CSG Group, Yaohua Glass Group, Jinjing Group, Shanghai Yaohua Pilkington Glass Group, Kibing Group, SINOMA, China Luoyang Float Glass Group, Yangzhou Zhongke Semiconductor, Huaguang Group, Bengbu Design & Research Institute for Glass Industry, Qinhuangdao Glass Industry Research & Design Institute, China New Building Materials Design & Research Institute, Wuhan University of Technology, Shahe Research Institute of Glass Technology, Ruitai Technology, Taiwan Glass Group, Xinyi Ultra-thin Glass, Shanxi Lihu, XINFUXING Glass Industrial Group, Hebei Yingxin, Flat Glass Group, Shabo Glass Group, Mr.Glass, Hainan Holdings Special Glass, etc. 

Hall N3, Hall N4, Hall N5 and Hall W5 are manufacturers of tempering furnaces and silicone, refractory materials and deep processing equipment, including: ZIBO GT New Materials Group, Luoyang Northglass, Luoyang MOUNTAIN, Landglass Technology, Donghua University, Hangzhou Jinggong, Qinhuangdao Yuntong, South Glass Technology, Guangdong Golive, Deway Machinery, Liaoning North Machine, Anhui Jingling, Yinrui Precision Machinery, Beijing Boza Automation, Jinan Weili Machine, Hanjiang Automatic Glass Machine, Beijing Tenon, Beijing MGM Glass Machinery, Fangding Safety Glass Technology, Tianjin Dinganda Glass, Guilin Champion, Lewei Science & Technology, Shandong Sanjin Glass Machinery, Shanxi Dahua Glass, Jangsu Xunai New Material Technology, Dongfang Ancai Refractory, Luoyang Dayang High-performance Material, Zhongjian Magnesia Brick, Guangzhou Ling Nan Refractory, Chengdu Guibao, Hangzhou Zhijiang Silicone, LINIZ, Guangzhou Jointas Chemical, etc. Hall W4 is an area for small and medium-sized enterprises, focusing on raw materials, main and auxiliary materials and daily glass, art glass and other fields. 

BMWK-German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, VDMA-The German Engineering Federation, the Italian Trade Agency, GIMAV – the Association of Italian Suppliers of Glass Processing Machinery and Accessories, and other foreign governments and industry institutions organized their domestic manufacturers to appear at the China Glass Exhibition in the form of German and Italian pavilions. The world's top 500 enterprises: Carl Zeiss, Honeywell, Siemens, AGC, Sandvik, etc. have participated in the exhibition, highlighting the confidence of foreign manufacturers in China's economic development and the international influence of China Glass Exhibition. At that time, more than 100 new technologies and products will be launched for the first time. Among them, Triumph Technology will bring new products and new applications in three major fields: display/application materials, new energy materials, and high-quality float/special glass, including: ultra-thin touch glass, foldable glass, power generation glass, pharmaceutical glass, etc.; LiSEC company will present LiTPA seamless welding technology in the field of insulating glass production; Shanghai Yaohua Pilkington Glass Group will exhibit a series of fist products including ultra-white online LOW-E energy-saving glass; China Glass Holdings will exhibit online Low-E glass and online TCO glass with independent intellectual property rights; CSG will grandly launch BIPV power generation glass and zero-carbon glass and other products; Northglass Technology will display the ternary flow fan products selected in the energy-saving technology and equipment catalog of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, as well as products such as tempering furnaces and low-emission coating lines; Quanex will show its Super Spacer products; ISRA VISION will present PowerPlate (P²) products in the field of quality monitoring, production management intelligence, P²-Coating inspection systems and EPROMI live solutions; Vesuvius will showcase its next-generation SMARTLY DRIVEN™ PLUS ceramic roller table in the field of deep processing of flat and curved safety glass, and Taiwan Glass Group will showcase products such as temperable three-silver Low-E glass, temperable four-silver Low-E glass and application cases in the global engineering and construction field. 

China Glass 2023 will hold a series of professional technical lectures and manufacturer promotion activities, covering the launch of new technology equipment for glass deep processing, carbon peaking and carbon neutrality technology path of glass industry, smart buildings, smart factories, digitalization to help the research and development of high-end glass equipment, industrial Internet to empower new glass materials, intelligent manufacturing and green development of new glass materials. 

This exhibition has strengthened cooperation with domestic and foreign glass industry media, increased advertising in domestic glass, doors, windows and curtain walls, glass printing media, and cooperated with industry media in Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, India, as well as the Middle East, Latin America and other countries and regions to expand the publicity coverage of China Glass Exhibition. At the same time, a variety of social media tools are used to carry out promotion work, inviting professional buyers in the industry to visit, and providing online registration channels on WeChat and official websites. Search for CHINAGLASSEXPO or log on to the official website to register in advance to enjoy more convenient visiting services. 

China Glass 2023 |

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